Golf Update #1

This week I worked on fleshing out what the first level would look like. This included things like creating a landscape mesh (and figuring out how to sculpt in Blender!), changing the visuals for the targets and importing some decorations to make the map look more livable. Water was also added using the water planes package provided by Epic.

Let there be land!

For the first map I'd like to provide a practice facility type of place with a little bit of a fantastic twist because its VR. It should be pretty familiar to anyone who has played other golf games.

Overall I'm actually pretty unhappy with it. Everything is very blurry and there are issues like it's impossible to see the ball further then 30m away. I think it is due to the temporal anti aliasing in UE4 which works well on a monitor but seems to not work well in the lower resolutions that the Vive has. That's an investigation for next week!